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New Exciting Mats for Spring

Here are some new exciting mats for sping.
Rockport Rope Doormat #242 Green with Green insert

Rockport Rope RV Mat #204 Green with Tan insert

Texas Rope  RV mat #156 Tan/Brown Wave

Rockport Rope Doormat #201 Brown with Tan insert

2017 brings new mats to life

To start the year off right I am adding some new colors.  Support your local law enforement with #373 or just get a new colored mat with these new color combo's.  More to come daily.  Rockport Rope Door Mats are awesome.  We would like to put one in every home in America!

Great New Mats coming in 2017

At Rockport Rope Door Mats we are always trying to find the color combinations that work for our customers.  By poplular demand I am going to be adding  black to the collection.  There will be many combinations gray, rose  just to mention a few.  Our mats are better than ever.  We have tightened to braid to make them firmers and made them heavier so they stay where you put them.  Look for the new colors in the next 30 days.  Get your Rockport Rope Door Mat today.  They make great porch mats, front door mats and comfort mats.  They will make a statement anywhere you place them.  

Fund raising with Rockport Rope Door Mats

I have found that you can use Rockport Rope Door Mats to raise money for your school.  Every doormat sold nets the school $10.  We make the doormats in school colors and give the students a small sample doormat which they then sell to their friends, family and neighbors who are showing support for the school.  For more details please e mail me at  
Have a great New Year 2017 is going to be a great Year!  

Soft Rope Doormats synthetic fibers wipe your feet super clean

RV mats, Boat mats,Front door mats, Porch mats, inside door mats, kitchen mats, bath room mats, pet beds .  No matter where you want to use them they will make a statement and last a long time.  These mats are hand woven and are elegant yet durable.  They are the only rope doormat that is made from soft rope which is much more foot friendly.  Have Happy Feet today with a Rockport Rope Doormat.  Available in many different sizes and colors.  Order yours today.  

Another satisfied customer

Rockport Rope Door Mats are well made durable and they complete the look anywhere you place them.  Rockport Rope Doormats are soft unlike any other rope doormat which is what makes them unique and easy on your feet!  Have happy feet with a Rockport Rope Door Mat today!  This review is from a designer studio.  

Sender:LynneDate:10 hours ago8:39pm EST
Message:Hello Andrew,

Received my doormats in good order and I must say I really like them. Very soft under foot, perfect size and the gray matches my bluestone stairs.

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

It is the time of year to be grateful for everything we have been blessed with.  Including all of our loyal customers that help us be successful in these trying times.  Everyone at Rockport Rope Door Mats would like to thank you for being loyal customers and wish you and your families  a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  We look foward to serving all of your needs in the coming year.  

Andy Crowe

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our existing customers and all the customers we have yet to meet.  Everyone at Rockport Rope Doormats is very thankful for all the continued support of our customers.  We are thankful  for our families and our country where we have the freedome to work, live, pray and contribute as we please.  We are very thankful for all the persons that have made our freedoms possible and we support their efforts in every way possible.    We work very hard at making the highest quality rope mats in the world.  We have improved the mats every year for the last 8 years and will continue to do so until they are perfect for every application.  All of  our improvements are based on customer feed back.  The customer is the one that uses the mat and determines its success.  Enjoy your day off, don't eat too much, play too much and be kind to your family.  Have a great day!

Happy Holiday

          Rockport Rope Door Mats                                                Rockport Rope Comfort Mats

As the holidays approach are you looking for a new and exciting gift idea? Rockport Rope Door Mats make great gifts for the person that has everything.    How about a front door mat, a comfort mat to stand on while barbequing or on the workshop?

Rockport Rope Doormats determine the election

It has been brought to my attention that whichever party buys more doormats between now and November 8 will win the election.  This is due to the Karma that is in every Elegant hand woven Rockport Rope Doormat we make.  They bring good Karma to anyone that has one.  I doubt the politicians have any use for a doormat because hopefully a lot of the ones that are career politicians will be moving back home after the election.  It is time for some new blood and some new faces on Capital Hill.  If the price of health care goes up anymore it will be cheaper to hire a witch doctor.  If goverment interference in everything isn't reduced pretty soon this will be a goverment run country and we will not have the freedoms which this country was built around.  Like everything there is a lot to be said for years of doing the job and there is a lot to be said for getting too comfortable in the Good Ole Boys club.  It needs to be what is good for the people not what is good for the politicians.  If they knew they weren't going to be able to make  a career and a very lucrative one out of being a politician maybe they would do what they promise and what is good for the people not themselves. I am not really sure.  I am sure that I am not happy with the way it is going so I am looking forward to change.  The only way I know to change is to replace the people that have been doing it forever with some fresh new faces and ideas and maybe it will get better.  I don' t care if you are republican or democrat just vote for someone new who is going to change things for the betterment of the country.  God Bless America
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